Truck Trailer Transportation








Aluminum trailer transportation is a critical industry in North America and Europe and of growing importance world-wide. Indalco® Alloys understands the specific challenges related to trailer manufacturing, whether it’s refrigerated, dry-freight or tanker trailers.

Challenges such as productivity solutions, shear strength, fatigue strength, corrosion resistance (some tanker trailers) and filler metal selection are all areas where Indalco®’s technical team can support.




Industry Specific Approvals

CWB TUV                                                                

Featured Truck Trailer Transportation Aluminum Consumables

D3S_3214 Plasticspoolandbox-01  Plasticspoolandbox-01  Indalco Gempak
Alloy 5554 

1.6 mm (1/16″) 7 Kg

(16 Lb) Cage

Alloy 5554 

1.2 mm (3/64″)0.45 Kg

(1Lb) Spool

Alloy 5356

1.6 mm (1/16″) 9 Kg

(20 Lb) Spool

Alloy 5356

1.2 mm (3/64″)



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