General Fabrication






For all general fabrication requirements including structural, consumer goods, electrical switchgear & bus bars, aluminum wind-towers, and more – Indalco® is your single source solution. We work with general fabrication customers large and small in order to help them improve their welding processes in every corner of the globe.

We don’t just make welding wire. We make welds.




Industry Specific Approvals

TUV CWB                                                                        


Featured General Fabrication Aluminum Consumables

D3S_3214 Plasticspoolandbox-01 Plasticspoolandbox-01 TIG

Alloy 5356

1.6 mm (1/16″)

7 Kg (16 Lb) Cage

Alloy 4043

0.9 mm (0.035″)

0.45 Kg (1 Lb) Spool

Alloy 4047

  1.2 mm (3/64″)

9 Kg (20 Lb) Spool

Alloy 4043

 2.4 mm (3/32″)

10 Kg (22 Lb) Carton


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