Rail Transportation







Manufacturers of high speed trains and rail cars implement aluminum in order to reduce fuel consumption and increase speeds. With a full line of certified welding consumables and technical experience in the industry, Indalco alloys not only delivers a consistent filler product to the industry, but also provides product to meet specialized industry requirements. Whether its standard agency approvals such as TUV and DB or specialized consumable traceability specific to internal requirements, we can offer a customized solution.

Our Technical Team is ready to support productivity, automation and technical improvements in the rail transportation industry.



Industry Specific Approvals

DB TUV                                                  

Featured Rail Transportation Aluminum Consumables

D3S_3214 D3S_3214 Plasticspoolandbox-01 Indalco Gempak
Alloy 5087

1.6 mm (1/16″)

7 Kg (16 Lb) Cage

Alloy 5356

1.2 mm (1/16″)

7 Kg (16 Lb) Cage

Alloy 5356

1.6 mm (1/16″)

9 Kg (20 Lb) Spool

Alloy 5183

1.2 mm (3/64″)


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