Gem-Pak™ Set Up Instructions



 Step 1.

Pull back plastic wrap. Glass gems will be packaged in 4.4 lbs. plastic bags, easily opened by hand.

CAUTION! Please use gloves when removing gems from the plastic bags.

 Step 2.

Open bags and distribute gems evenly on top of wire, leave cardboard and bar in place.

IMPORTANT: Leave tie down bar in place during Step 2.  This is critical for keeping the wire held down.



Step 3.

Cut rubber band from the support bar.

Collapse and remove tie down bar by pulling each side towards the middle.



 Step 4.

Remove the 2 crescent shaped cardboard inserts. Secure the butt end of the wire to the side of the box in preparation of the next step.

Redistribute the gems on top of the wire.



 Step 5.

Install payoff package.





Some glass gems may fall through the slots, this is normal. Gems will move during payout.  The Gem-Pak is designed with this in mind and has enough coverage to properly hold the wire during payoff.