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When should I use 4043 and when should I use 5356?

Alloy 4043 is designed for welding 6xxx series aluminum alloys. It may also be used to weld 3xxx series alloys or 2xxx alloys. 4043 has a lower melting point and more fluidity than the 5xxx series filler alloys, and is preferred by most welders because it “wets and flows better” and it’s less sensitive to […]

New! Indalco® Gem-Pak™

      Introducing Gem-Pak™ Aluminum Bulk Packaging System  Aluminum MIG Wire – Tangle-Free  Indalco®’s patented Gem-Pak™ is a bulk packaging system designed to increase production without using expensive external payoff devices. This engineered system creates a controlled feed system unlike any other aluminum bulk packaging system in the industry.       Features Tangle […]

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